Dragon Plastics participates in Circular Plastics Alliance

Dragon Plastics also participates in the Circular Plastics Alliance. We visited our new member with the well-known tombstone to make the participation official!

Dragon Plastics is a true expert when it comes to plastic production and only uses the best raw materials. They specialize in rotational moulding and use polyethylene (PE) for this. This is not only sustainable because it lasts an exceptionally long time, but also because it can be recycled. Dragon Plastics has been using a shredder since 2013, for reducing waste flows and recycling the material.

Together with the other members of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Dragon Plastics mainly wants to create awareness in the field of sustainability and work on reducing oil-based raw materials. They also look forward to making use of each other’s network to make optimal use of waste flows.

Dragon Plastics’ knowledge and expertise, especially in the field of rotational moulding, is of great value to us as the Circular Plastics Alliance. Dragon Plastics has an extensive knowledge in the field of recycling sustainable plastic. Dragon Plastics is therefore a valuable addition to our Alliance.

Read more about Dragon Plastics’ participation in the Circular Plastics Alliance here.

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