Coca-Cola initiates collaboration with Dutch recycling start-up

Beverage company Coca-Cola aims high when it comes to reducing its production of new plastic. It is for that reason that Coca-Cola European Partners has recently started a collaboration with CuRe Technology, a Dutch start-up for plastic recycling. CuRe is currently developing a new way to recycle and reuse PET bottles, which offers great opportunities for Coca-Cola to work on its CSR goals.

Reducing Coca-Cola’s use of virgin plastic

This new collaboration was announced in a news item in the Financieel Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper. It appears from this news item that Coca-Cola currently produces around 117 billion plastic bottles a year. The majority of these bottles are made from “virgin plastic”, which is non-recycled plastic directly made from petroleum. In the Netherlands, Coca-Cola has already taken measures to reduce the amount of new plastic. As a result, around 50% of Coca-Cola’s Dutch PET bottles are made from recycled plastic. Jaap Wassink, CEO at Coca-Cola European Partners, aims to reduce the amount of “virgin plastic” even further. The collaboration with CuRe is a big opportunity to achieve that goal.

More recycling and smart design innovations

According to Josse Kunst (Chief Commercial Officer at CuRe), Coca-Cola’s investment offers many opportunities for CuRe to further expand its unique production process. Contrary to many other companies, CuRe’s production process involves breaking down plastic, but not into the original raw material. As a result, less energy is lost in the recycling process. Thanks to Coca-Cola’s investment CuRe can build a larger factory and, thus, recycle even more plastic waste. The aim is to recycle about 25 million kilos of plastic waste by the first quarter of 2023. Besides, CuRe is exploring the options for innovative packaging designs that involve less waste. CuRe has set the bar high: the company’s ultimate goal is that all packaging in Western Europe will be fully recyclable by 2025.

coca-cola collaboration dutch recycling start-up

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