Groenland B.V.

Groenland B.V. is an international flower exporter and holding company of various floriculture companies, such as Celieplant, Bouquetnet, Spira, e•bloom and Bloominess. Groenland’s sustainability goals become clear from its slogan: “the courage to grow green”. The company stands for innovative and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship. In other words, for any choice they make they consider the impact on people and on the planet.

Thus far, Groenland has achieved various sustainable goals regarding People and Planet:

  • The Groenland business premises are both fully sustainable. All heat is recovered and reused for heating and cooling the buildings.
  • The buildings are largely self-sufficient in energy demand thanks to 4730 solar panels.
  • The buildings are equipped with sedum roofs, which extract nitrogen and CO2 from the air.
  • The charging stations on the site encourage employees to drive electrically.
  • All waste flows within the company are fully recycled.
  • By making flower packaging thinner, Groenland saves plastic.
  • The company is self-sufficient in its water needs by reusing rain and wastewater.

» Read more about Groenland’s sustainability policy on their website.

In 2020, Groenland has reduced its plastic use by more than 50% by for example recycling residual materials, using thinner flower foil and eliminating transport packaging. In every step they take, they find it important for all staff members, customers and suppliers to be involved. “Only together we can close the loop.”

As a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Groenland aims to collaborate with the other members in order to achieve their shared recycling and plastic reduction goals. The company is hoping to take further steps in terms of recycling and to discover new opportunities to convert waste flows into new products. Groenland has much knowledge about sustainability and has already proven its ability to apply this knowledge for achieving sustainable goals. That makes Groenland a valuable member of the Circular Plastics Alliance.

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