February 14, 2024
February 14th, Valentine's day
Valentine’s Day is not only a time of love and romance, but also a period of great activity for the floriculture sector. At Fresco Flowers, a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, sustainability is central, even during this busy period. This year Fresco Flowers is processing. approximately 25 million roses from 12 growers in Kenya. ...


February 15, 2024

Four Seasons FZE joins as a new Circular Plastics Alliance member

Four Seasons FZE is a leading waste management company based in the United Arab Emirates specialized as a supplier and ...
February 9, 2024

First loads with separation panels on circular plastic pallets on the construction site

The first loads of separation panels on circular pallets have arrived at the construction site for a project by our ...
February 9, 2024

Collaboration between the Netherlands and Belgium improves traceability of plastic waste

Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen, now known as Verpact from March 1st, and Valipac, the Belgian organization for the management of industrial ...
February 1, 2024

New Circular Plastics Alliance member: Orange Circle

On January 11th, Orange Circle joined our Alliance. Circular Plastics Alliance and Orange Circle will collaborate strategically. Orange Circle is ...
Circular plastics
January 30, 2024

Wholesale Task Force: Together, you really get further!

Last Wednesday, 25 members from the currently 9 participating wholesalers – members of the Fedet sections ETG & TGF – ...
January 24, 2024

First deployment of circular pallets in practice

One of the members of the Circular Plastics Alliance, HSB Bouw B.V., had the honor on January 16th to test ...
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