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16 juni 2022
Forbo Eurocol

Forbo Eurocol is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of floor covering adhesives, leveling compounds and tile adhesives. Their Waterproof Tiling System for wet areas, for example, has been a sales success for decades. Forbo Eurocol has its own development and production department, which enables it to respond quickly to technical trends and market needs. As a result, both consumers and companies continue to benefit from innovative products.

People and environment friendly
In addition to quality, sustainability is an important pillar for Forbo Eurocol for all their innovations. Eurocol products are people-friendly and environmentally friendly and stand out due to their processing-friendly properties. Most powder products have been dust-free for years and today’s packaging is considerably lighter than before and therefore more durable. Another good example is the use of recycled plastic buckets and jerry cans in the production of paste adhesives and liquid products. Many Eurocol products carry the EC 1PLUS quality mark, the certification for very low emissions in the room where the products are used. Very pleasant for the users of the building.

Environmental care system
Forbo Eurocol works according to a certified environmental care system. This guarantees structural attention to the environment and energy consumption. In the phase of development, production, storage, transport, processing, waste flow and reuse. The company takes care of collection projects for plastic packaging and through analysis of the product life cycle it succeeds in further improving its sustainability. Eurocol products are partly manufactured from raw materials from (residual) flows from the steel, rubber and glass recycling industry.

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With regard to its sustainability objectives, Forbo Eurocol has great ambitions. The company wants to burden natural resources and the environment as little as possible and thus contribute to a cleaner world for future generations. Based on the partnership with Circular Plastics Alliance, Forbo Eurocol mainly wants to find and improve ways to make plastic packaging flows circular. Thanks to the collection of plastic packaging, these can serve as raw materials for new packaging. In addition, they are working on solutions for reuse of, for example, cement, sand and gypsum powder that is extracted during the production process.

Forbo Eurocol has a lot to offer other Circular Plastics Alliance members. They can take advantage of a large national network of customers and relations and the associated knowledge of building materials. As part of the internationally operating Forbo Group, the company also has valuable contacts with major suppliers.


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