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6 oktober 2021
Greenport Aalsmeer

Greenport Aalsmeer is the world trade center for flowers and plants. Greenport combines the knowledge and expertise of many parties to strengthen the international competitive position of the region.

In the field of sustainability, Greenport Aalsmeer has a facilitating, stimulating and connecting role in getting projects off the ground to achieve by 2025:

  • 50% reduced CO2 emissions;
  • climate-neutral horticulture in the region and 75% reuse of water;
  • 30% energy savings;
  • Use of 30% renewable energy;
  • Re-use of 75% of the residual materials and waste;
  • Zero-emission crop protection products.

Various actions have already been taken, such as the energy transition program, giving various webinars (including about biodiversity) and research projects in ‘Innovatiemotor’ and ‘Green Innovation Cluster’. In addition, Greenport also looks at its own footprint and has recently taken several steps in this direction.

 » Lees hier meer over Greenport Aalsmeer (in Dutch)

Together with the other members of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Greenport Aalsmeer wants to contribute to sustainability by inspiring and challenging entrepreneurs in horticulture to include sustainability in their decisions. Greenport Aalsmeer is looking forward to networking and the opportunities to work on joint projects.

By adding Greenport Aalsmeer to the Circular Plastics Alliance, we can expand the network and bring sustainable initiatives to the attention of each other’s partners. With its knowledge of horticulture and its regional function, Greenport Aalsmeer is a unique and valuable addition to our Alliance.


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