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25 augustus 2021
Hollarts Plastic Group B.V.

Hollarts takes care of the plastic injection molding of products. As a one-stop-shop, they transform the customer’s idea into a physical product and they direct the manufacturing of the mould, which they also maintain. In addition, if desired, they take care of the assembly of the product and arrange storage and logistics.

Plastic is the ultimate material for circular application. Not only because plastic is easy to recycle, but also because it achieves an enormous weight reduction. A lighter product ensures less CO2 emissions in both production and transport, without having to make concessions to the quality of the product.

Sustainability is important to Hollarts, they already take recyclability into account when designing the product. Sustainability is not only in the materials used and the end products, they look carefully at the process and everything surrounding it.

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Many sustainable initiatives have already been taken within the company. They fulfill their energy needs as sustainably as possible through the solar panels on the roof, a switch has recently been made from fluorescent lighting in the warehouse and production area to LED lighting and they have modernized the machinery with the latest technology that consumes less energy.

Various sustainable initiatives are also underway to achieve improvements in product and mold development as well as in operation. This includes material developments, investing in energy-efficient moulds, machines, and peripherals. But it is also looking at making the fleet more energy-efficient and completely digitizing the information flows, so that the use of paper is minimized. By developing recycled and bio-based materials to replace virgin materials, they continuously reduce the footprint.

Together with Circular Plastics Alliance, they want to give substance to product and material developments in which they are looking at, among other things, replacing single-use packaging with reusable packaging. In addition, they like to think along in setting up or expanding pool systems to replace systems that currently still use single-use packaging or logistics solutions.

With the addition of Hollarts to the Circular Plastics Alliance, we can share knowledge within the network, especially in the field of load carriers that can be reused. In addition, Hollarts also has experience in developing and using recycled and bio-based materials, which can contribute to the development of new sustainable products. This makes Hollarts a unique and valuable addition to our Alliance.


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