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27 mei 2021
Succes Schoonmaak

Succes Schoonmaak is one of the largest and most prominent regional cleaning companies in the Netherlands. It is not without reason that they were named the No. 1 cleaning company in the Netherlands. The basis of the success of Succes Schoonmaak is the no-nonsense attitude and the sincere attention to its employees. The foundation for this is the family ties that characterize the organization. Working together and delivering the best quality, that is what they stand for.

As the pay-off indicates, Succes Schoonmaak strives for a cleaner and more beautiful world. Success Schoonmaak is the total solution provider when it comes to cleaning products and services for various industries such as education, public transport and recreation.

»Read more about the approach of Succes Schoonmaak (in Dutch)

A cleaner and more beautiful world also means an increasingly full sustainability agenda. At Succes Schoonmaak, attention is paid to sustainable cleaning products and sustainable initiatives have been considered in the new office building, such as charging stations and light movement sensors. The waste flows will also be mapped out shortly. The sustainable objective of Succes Schoonmaak is to work as circular as possible and climate neutral.

Together with the other members of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Succes Schoonmaak wants to achieve the sustainable objective with a project-based approach. Within the Alliance they want to establish contacts that contribute to setting up the circular chain within the company.

With the addition of Succes Schoonmaak to the Circular Plastics Alliance, we can use our joint expertise to map out and realize circular opportunities for the cleaning industry. This makes Succes Schoonmaak a unique and valuable addition to our Alliance.


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