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26 November 2020
Bouquetnet starts using the CircularBag

Groenland B.V. is one of our Circular Plastics Alliance partners. Bouquetnet, one of the Groenland companies, start using the CircularBag. Peter Janmaat, managing director of Bouquetnet, tells us why he decided to use the CircularBag and his experience with the CircularBag so far;

“Sustainability is very important to Bouquetnet. We carefully sort all waste (including plastic, green waste, cardboard) so that it can be reused. The flower foil has already been separated but collected in a non-recycled bag. Because the Circular Bag is recycled, we recently opted for the CircularBag based on our sustainability strategy.”

Peter Janmaat: “Attention to the environment is so important, we all want our children to be able to live on this earth in the future.”

“The CircularBag can be found on our production floor where the flowers are processed into bouquets. Per production line, 10 employees collect their plastic waste in one 400 ltr. bag.”

“We are satisfied with the CircularBag, when separating the foil it is inconvenient for the petals to stick to the foil (due to the moisture, among other things). This makes it difficult to get the foil completely clean in the bag. Recycling the CircularBag with its content is our main goal for using the bag.”

At Bouquetnet, the full bags go via the press container that are collected by a recycling company for optimal reuse.

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