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7 June 2023
Bunzl participates in Circular Plastics Alliance

Nadine from Circular Plastics Alliance recently presented the tombstone to Wilbert van Wachtendonk, Managing Director Bunzl Retail & Industry. We would like to introduce our newest member Bunzl Retail & Industry!

Bunzl Retail & Industry is part of Bunzl Plc, a listed organisation. Bunzl is represented in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. This way, you have the benefits of a stable international multinational, but the support of a local, committed organisation.

In the Netherlands, Bunzl consists of 11 companies, each with their own market. Bunzl Retail & Industry and Janssen Packaging, are together in the Food (supermarkets, distribution centres, specialty shops, bakeries and food industry) and Non-Food (retailers, production companies, wholesalers, e-commerce and e-fulfilment) sectors. Without knowing it, you come into contact with Bunzl’s products on a daily basis. Buying, selling, storing and distributing non-food essentials is their core business. Their mission? Taking care of all daily non-food essentials with sustainability as a fundamental starting point. This is where Bunzl Retail & Industry wants to make a difference.

Sustainability report 2022
With a driven sustainability team, from different disciplines in the organisation, Bunzl Retail & Industry fulfils this mission. They do this through their sustainability policy Believe, which focuses on offering a sustainable assortment, developing sustainable relationships with chain partners, the working conditions of our suppliers and the happiness of our employees. In 2022, we again made great strides in terms of sustainability. A huge CO2 reduction by installing 3,567 solar panels and significantly increasing the amount of recyclable material collected. As a result, Bunzl Retail & Industry already emitted 37 per cent less CO2 in 2022 compared to 2021, measured in the scopes fuel consumption, electricity consumption and waste streams. This resulted in the organisation being awarded Climate Neutral Group’s climate neutral certificate.

Packaging material
In 2022, Bunzl Retail & Industry compensated for over 850 tonnes of CO2 through the Climate Neutral programme on plastic loop carrier bags. Through the Climate Neutral programme, they also achieved Climate Neutral certification for all packaging material to bol.com in February 2022. They also provided insight into the sustainability policies of their top 50 suppliers and ensured that 70 per cent of all their cardboard and paper, based on the number of kilograms put on the market, is FSC®-certified.

Read more about Bunzl Retail & Industry here.

Circular Plastics Alliance participation
Together with Circular Plastics Alliance, they want to explore making their KPP® bread bags circular in the short term. Bunzl Retail & Industry is the market leader in bread bags. On an annual basis, they supply millions of bread bags to the Dutch market. These are many millions of kilograms of film. The film has already been reduced in thickness by 30 per cent over the years, but they would like to contribute even more to improving the environment.

They also want to work with Circular Plastics Alliance to make their e-commerce packaging circular (reusable). In recent years, the e-commerce sector has grown strongly. As a result, Bunzl Retail & Industry wants to take bigger and faster steps to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible.

We are delighted with the addition of Bunzl Retail & Industry to our Circular Plastics Alliance and warmly welcome them!


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