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21 July 2022
Circular pallets for Hoek Flowers

Hoek Flowers from Rijnsburg supplies flowers and plants to florists and event planners in 53 countries and is constantly working on logistical efficiency and projects to introduce sustainable, reusable packaging. Together with the Circular Plastics alliance partners Cabka, the world’s largest supplier of plastic pallets, and Palletcentrale, with 50 years of experience in the distribution of pallets, a beautiful plastic pallet has been developed especially for the UK.

The efficient logistics of Hoek Flowers ensures that the return pallets are ready within 2 days in Rijnsburg, ready for the next delivery with flowers and plants, a real closed loop! By replacing single-use wooden pallets with these sustainable lightweight plastic pallets, impressive benefits are achieved in terms of the CO2 footprint per loop. Partly due to the fact that the pallets are produced from 100% recycled material and can be reduced in volume by up to 85% for return transport and storage. (see picture)

The pallets are also ‘Ultra light’ (5 kg) and ‘Ultra strong’ (ULUS principle) and can be loaded up to 1600 kg per pallet.

After a technical lifespan of at least 5 years, the pallets can be returned to Circular Plastics and reused for 100% and indefinitely for the production of new pallets. For example, scarce raw materials are treated with care and the annual use of 32,000 wooden pallets is avoided by using an environmentally friendly circular pallet.

Through our proud customer Hoek Flowers, in collaboration with our Circular Plastics Alliance partners Cabka and Palletcentrale, a wonderful example is realized within our motto: “Let’s create a cleaner world together”.


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