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12 May 2020
Expansion of deposit system almost certain

The Dutch Cabinet is obliged to introduce deposits on small plastic bottles by 2021. New figures published by Rijkswaterstaat show that the proportion of bottles in litter has not been reduced, but has even risen by 7 percent compared to previous years. The number of cans also increased by 16 percent. Stientje van Veldhoven had agreed with the packaging industry that in order to prevent a deposit system, the number of small plastic bottles in litter had to be reduced by 70 to 90 percent.

The latest results of the Rijkswaterstaat study show that this agreement is far from being achievable. The introduction of deposits is therefore unavoidable. Earlier this year, Van Veldhoven announced that the measurements for the second half of 2019 would be decisive for this decision.

According to her spokesperson, Van Veldhoven does not yet want to confirm that the deposit will be introduced, despite her earlier commitments. An directorial meeting will take place later this month and the State Secretary will provide more information.

The deposit on the small bottles will probably be 15 cents each. Deposits on large bottles will remain 25 euro cents. It is not yet clear whether there will also be a deposit on cans.

Dutch municipalities have been arguing for deposits on small bottles for much longer. In addition to almost all Dutch municipalities, more than 1000 Dutch and Belgian companies and organisations have already joined the ‘Statiegeldalliantie’ (Deposit Money Alliance). The organisation sees deposits as a fair solution to litter by taking the costs away from citizens and local authorities and making the packaging industry responsible for it. In addition, it is a proven structural solution to combat the pollution of nature and is a sustainable and circular model for the management of raw materials.

Source: www.plesstics.com


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