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14 June 2021
HSB Bouw and Circular Plastics Alliance

Separating waste is not a sacred house at HSB but a win-win situation

Press release HSB Bouw, 14 June 2021: Recently, another step forward was taken in the field of sustainability and circularity at the HSB project in the Vroonermeer in Alkmaar. A compact waste line is now part of the construction site: “Where previously waste separation took place at GP Groot, we now do it on site. Wood, plastic, cardboard and debris disappear into separate bins and circular bags. Residual insulation material is also recycled in collaboration with ISOVER.”

As a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, HSB is committed to reducing waste and, where possible, making it circular. “We do this together with employees, subcontractors, partners and suppliers,” says William, project leader. “With cooperation partner GP Groot, we have calculated the waste flows in the Vroonermeer for 2020 per built house or apartment. That turned out to be no less than 3.6 waste bins of an average of 6 cubic meters. When you consider that we built 144 homes there in that year, you really realize that more than 500 containers is a lot.”

To create support for the use of the waste line, HSB, GP Groot and the Circular Plastics Alliance gathered all construction site employees, from carpenters to plumbers, to inform them. It soon became apparent that separating waste is not such a problem at all because employees often already do this at home in the green and gray bin: “Here at the construction site, they are also supported by Pieter, the Environmental coach who helps with collection. If you are going to eat in the shack, you just immediately unload your construction waste in the waste park as a quick win. Every two months we discuss mutual experiences and implement points for improvement where possible.”

“Hard and stretchable plastics are carefully separated. The latter category is transported in circular bags to processor Kras, who processes 55 percent of it into new plastic. This is then used in our carpentry factory to seal frames including glazing. We also entered into discussions with Ytong, our supplier of gas block concrete. Their well-known yellow plastic packaging will in future be half circular and thinner. Separating waste is no longer a sacred house at HSB and is increasingly becoming a real win-win situation!”


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