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26 April 2022
HSB Bouw starts a major sustainable construction project in collaboration with various alliance members

Fridtjof Nansenhof will be a sustainable, circular construction project!

Sustainability in construction continues within a large project Fridtjof Nansenhof in Amsterdam. Architectural contractor and Circular Plastics Alliance member HSB Bouw will carry out the construction of 69 apartments in Amsterdam. During the work meeting on April 21, it was agreed that a balance of packaging materials would be drawn up, in collaboration with BMN, which shows in which phase of the construction all participating suppliers must supply the various materials. The weight and volume are then determined, including the packaging material used, such as: shrink sleeves, stretch films, pallets, cardboard and paper. Recorded and made transparent for all parties involved by the technology of RTI Blockchain.

Based on this inventory of packaging, a waste plan is drawn up together with CPA member GP Groot and HSB Bouw for the selection of mono-flows of waste on the construction site with a prognosis of a maximum percentage (40%-100%) of which can be recycled by Circular Plastics. . Think of sustainable 100% recycled plastic pallets and pallet boxes and up to 50% recycled flexible films.

The objective is to reduce unusable waste and to strive for waste separation in which reuse is immediately possible. As a result, we improve the CO2 footprint and thus align with the packaging guidelines that prescribe the reuse of at least a 30% share of plastic packaging materials before 2025.

The construction phase of the 69 apartments will take a total of 2 years. In week 18, the first piles will go into the ground. During various construction phases we will review and report the positive results so that this could be used as a standard for the collection of materials as an example for all 2000 construction sites in the Netherlands.

The participating parties include:
HSB Bouw – main contractor
BMN – supplier of building materials
Xella – supplier of, among other things, Ytong panels interior walls
ISOVER Netherlands – manufacturer of cavity insulation
Wienerberger – supplier of ceramic facade bricks
GP Groot – waste collector
RTI Blockchain – packaging registration platform


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