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4 September 2020
Modiform joins Circular Plastics Alliance

Also Modiform B.V. participates in the Circular Plastics Alliance. Johan Thans and Henk Kras went along with a tombstone to make the entry official.

Modiform is proud to be a member of Circular Plastics Alliance. The company’s biggest aim is to develop innovative products in which plastic is optimally used and reused together with other partners of the Alliance. Besides, Modiform’s goal as a member of the Alliance is setting up more closed loops and launching and initiating concrete innovations in terms of plastic reduction.

Modiform’s knowledge and expertise is of great added value to our Alliance, especially the company’s extensive knowledge about thermoforming plastics. In addition to that, Modiform has the operational clout to realize and launch products. That makes Modiform a very valuable addition to our Alliance.

Read here more about the participation of Modiform to the Circular Plastics Alliance.


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