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22 September 2022
Networking day Circular Plastics Alliance

Our networking day of September 16 at Floriworld was a success. We started with lunch, after which Henk Kras kicked off the afternoon and welcomed everyone. After that, various projects were discussed under the leadership of Ruth van der Vlugt.

Petran Verhoef of BMN and WilliamBosschaart of HSB Bouw, for example, talked about their sustainable collaboration in the construction industry. Rowy Beerepoot of Chrysal explained the steps the company is taking towards greater sustainability, Vincent van Tol van Kapiteyn and Allard Froon van Hollarts talked about their collaboration and the circular products that have resulted from this collaboration. Koen de Jong of Flow Products and Floris Verheij of Circulr. told about their joint project Circulr Cone what they have developed together after the previous meeting. In short, all good examples of collaborations. Rein Hintzen from Horizonteer then explained how we are going to design the Circular Plastics Academy, while Aart-Jan from Business Building explained about mindsetting.

Then it was Marvin Pfeiffer of Sinox’s turn and he gave his own presentation about Ocean Bound Plastic and lastly Bas Peereboom of Xella explained what steps they are taking to make it more sustainable, starting with a reusable recycled plastic pallet to replace a single-use wooden pallet.

After the presentations it was time for the experience tour with the auction clock as the final piece. Here Marielle Ponsen of Unicef ​​gave a presentation about the Plastic Bricks project in Ivory Coast. We have auctioned several lots with a total proceeds of €4000.00 that will benefit Plastics Bricks.

The lots are offered by our members: Fresco Flowers 10 beautiful bouquets of flowers; Kras Recycling VIP FC Volendam for 6 people; Paardekooper Group lunch workshop for 10 people; Success Schoonmaak cleaning set; Hollarts Basky Basket; Circulr jogging suit (sweater + sweatpants); BMN BiggerBag large; Knapsack Petman 210 ltr. black with personalized CPA logo & company logo and Kapiteyn bulb surprise.

After this we could network with live music, a drink and a snack, graced by two ‘oyster queens’. Watch the aftermovie below made by our vlogger Franklin.


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