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7 July 2021
New regulations disposable plastic products

From 3 July 2021, a ban on disposable plastic items such as straws, cutlery, plates, cotton swabs and balloon sticks will apply in the EU. There are currently more than 150 million tons of plastic floating in the sea.

Representatives of the European Commission signed an agreement in December 2018 to combat the plastic soup. The agreement contains several measures, the first of which will take effect on July 3, 2021. Some disposable plastic products are banned as of. In addition, a number of products have mandatory marking. Producers of disposable plastic will also pay for waste processing. Read more about it in this article.

The objective of Circular Plastics Alliance is to investigate new developments and possibilities for a more sustainable future together with the affiliated partners. Following these regulations, a new partnership has emerged between Circular Plastics and Circular Alliance members; GP Groot and Royal Paardekooper Group.

Now that the new legislation has come into effect on 3 July for levying a deposit on disposable plastic, it is the right time to use the BonTon together. The BonTon is a sustainable waste bin that is extremely suitable for separating waste at a central location in your organization or institution.

The BonTon is a 100% circular product, the trash can is made from recycled plastic waste that is collected by our Circular Alliance partner GP Groot B.V. The bags are also made from recycled foil. There is a bin with a specific color for the different waste streams. The BonTon is available from Royal Paardekooper Group. Knowing more? You can read here more about the BonTon.


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