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25 November 2021
Next circular step HSB Bouw

HSB BOUW uses new foil with recyclate on their frames. Attached is the response of William van Bosschaert:

With our partners Kras Recycling and Kivo Verpakkingen, we looked for a replacement for our protective film, which is stretched over wooden frames at our carpentry factory in Volendam. This foil protects the frames and the glazing during the construction phase on the construction site. After the masonry has been completed the foil is removed by our painter at the construction site and collected separately with other packaging foil. Partner GP Groot collects this weekly, this in turn goes to Kras, who processes it further into the basic product from which Kivo makes foil for our carpentry factory. of reuse is now complete. We are proud to be the first, with this apparently simple idea, within the construction sector”.

We are proud that our partners can find each other in the development of new products with a circular goal!


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