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2 June 2022
Ocean Choice Plastic participates in Circular Plastics Alliance

We welcome Ocean Choice Plastic by Sinox (OCP) to the Circular Plastics Alliance. The tombstone is recently presented online to Marvin Pfeiffer from OCP by Johan Thans, Jaap Buis and Henk Kras from Circular Plastics.

Ocean Choice Plastic is a brand by Sinox. Sinox is a group of companies in Germany, Hong Kong and China, which is specialized in the global sourcing of PCR plastic scrap and certified PCR recycled plastic pellets.

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Today there are approximately 5.25 billion pieces of plastic in the oceans. Between 8 and 13 million tons of plastic waste are added every year. About 80 percent of this scrap and waste enters the sea from land.

Ocean Choice Plastic believes in the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy – where every product that has reached its end of life gets recycled and its resources stay preserved within the system – meaning the linear flow of waste materials into the oceans needs to stop and be replaced by circular solutions.

Therefore, to avoid more plastic from entering the ocean Ocean Choice Plastic has set itself the mission to minimize the amount of Ocean Bound Plastic OBP that ends up in the ocean.

Ocean Choice Plastic acts a solution provider for brands that want to market products made from OBP. It takes care of the product creation process of products made from certified OBP raw materials all along the supply chain, covering sourcing, recycling, compounding, manufacturing, and design of products containing recycled OBP. To make sure the agreed amounts of OBP material are used in the end products an additional tracking solution along the supply chain is offered together with a partner company.

Current focus lies on manufacturing of products from three main product categories:

1. Product packaging for the cosmetics industry, such as tubes and bottles

2. Packaging solutions, such as plastic film, bags and bubble wrap

3. Electronic product casings such as computer and phone shells

» Read more about Ocean Choice Plastic here

Circular Plastics will use the Ocean Bound raw materials supplied by OCP to a maximum extent to produce Circular recycled film and durable pallets within closed loops. In that way the plastic waste will not end up in the ocean and will contribute as clear example in a circular economy along our mission statement “Let’s create a cleaner world together”.

Ocean Choice Plastic will promote the use of these environmental “green” recycled materials in existing and new projects with the platform of Alliance members, such to maximise the positive environmental effects with its positive CO2 footprint and its sustainable impact on the reduction of Ocean Plastic Soup.

As a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, they want to inspire more people and share their knowledge about sustainable packaging solutions that can be realized from OBP plastic waste. This specific knowledge makes Ocean Choice Plastic a unique and valuable addition to our Alliance.

Some examples what Ocean Choice Plastic has produced with OBP recycled raw materials:


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