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15 November 2022
Rabobank new partner of Circular Plastics Alliance

“By investing in circular business, you create value for the company and you contribute to a better world!” says Henk Kras Jr., director of Circular Plastics and co-initiator of Circular Plastics Alliance. This alliance was founded in 2019 and works with strategic partners on the transition to a sustainable world. The newest member of the alliance is Rabobank. The cooperative bank provides support with knowledge, financing and a large network.

The flower and plant sector, horticulture, construction sector and air cargo companies: Henk Kras Jr. is in contact with large parties. “We are working with entrepreneurs from the Champions League to solve a global problem,” says Henk proudly. He belongs to the third generation Kras of family business Kras Recycling from Volendam and is director of Circular Plastics, which develops sustainable circular packaging and transport solutions. “We are committed to contributing to a better carbon footprint with less environmental impact and less one-off use of scarce raw materials,” he explains. In 2019, he founded the Circular Plastics Alliance with his partners. “Circular entrepreneurship, the optimal use and reuse of raw materials in the various links of the production chain, is more important than ever. Many companies are aware of this need and want to make their logistics chain a closed loop and reduce their carbon footprint. But how do you do that in a good way? Where do you make the profit? To support companies in this, we founded the Circular Plastics Alliance three years ago,” says Henk.

‘Circular Plastics Alliance helps entrepreneurs in the transition to sustainable business’

Clear mission
Circular Plastics Alliance has a clear mission and an ambitious goal. Henk: “We stand for a balance between people, nature and companies. We aim for our participants to save 25% on their logistics chain and reduce their carbon footprint by 25%. This has a positive impact on the environment and on the company.

Our strength lies in the fact that we work with carefully selected partners, who have many years of experience in the field of plastic recycling, packaging design, production and logistics.” The alliance was recently further strengthened by the arrival of Rabobank. Eric Zwart, director of the cooperative Rabobank: “Rabobank is convinced that circularity is of great importance for prosperity, well-being and a future-proof economy. Companies that do business sustainably and circularly are more innovative, more resilient and more ready for the future. That is why we are committed to supporting the sustainability ambitions of Circular Plastics Alliance to realize sustainable and innovative solutions. With the aim: less packaging waste and more recycling. We make our contribution in the field of knowledge, financing and our network. This is how we work together on the transition to a sustainable world.”

Opportunities for all participants
The fact that Rabobank is now a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance fits in well with the bank’s own sustainability ambitions. Arnoud Schoorl, Account Manager Large Business Rabobank and specialized in industry and energy transition: “Our sustainable mission is ‘Growing a better world together’. We do this, among other things, by supporting our customers with issues related to circular business. Entrepreneurs can contact our Circular Business Desk for this, where specialized account managers can help them realize their circular plans.” Circular Plastics Alliance, through Henk, is happy with the arrival of Rabobank. Henk: “By adding Rabobank to the Circular Plastics Alliance, we can further expand the possibilities for circularity in all sectors. This offers opportunities for all our participants. They learn from each other and thereby strengthen the position of their company.” Henk concludes: “The first major successes have been achieved. We are on track. Together we are working hard to further realize our ambitious goals!”

Source: Rabobank regiozaken Waterland – read the original message here (in Dutch).

Picture: Marco van Ammers / Tazama
Henk Kras hands over a tombstone to Eric Zwart and Arnoud Schoorl from Rabobank.


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