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5 February 2021
Venntiv participates in Circular Plastics Alliance

Good news because Venntiv also participates in the Circular Plastics Alliance. Henk Kras went along with the tombstone to make the participation official!

Venntiv specializes in subsidy applications aimed at sustainable innovation. Governments, both European and Regional, invest in measures that reduce CO2 emissions or reduce the use of raw materials.

Venntiv has also worked as a consultant on a number of prestigious projects to promote the circular economy. Such as, for example, the development of the Netherlands’ largest plastic sorting installation. And countless other projects aimed at reusing raw materials, generating energy and reducing the CO2 they have been able to support.

Together with the other members of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Venntiv wants to boost sustainable innovations and revive old plans. By thinking along with the ambitions of the partners, they expect to be able to take a pioneering role together in making society more sustainable.

The addition of Venntiv to the Circular Plastics Alliance allows us to identify opportunities for subsidies and view the financial side of the plans from other angles. This makes Venntiv a unique and valuable addition to our Alliance.

Read more about Venntiv’s participation in the Circular Plastics Alliance here.


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