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13 May 2022
Xella participates in Circular Plastics Alliance

Welcome Xella. The tombstone was recently presented by Henk Kras and Johan Thans (Circular Plastics) to Bas Peereboom, Ralph Jorissen, Wouter Buitenhuis en Jeroen van Heerwaarden from Xella.

Xella Nederland stands for innovative, safe and sustainable building solutions within the residential, non-residential and renovation market. In addition to the standard product range, Xella offers complete building systems with industrially prefabricated elements of sand-lime brick and aerated concrete. This makes it possible to build quickly and economically according to the latest building requirements and Xella not only contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings, but also to affordable construction.

Sustainability is an important part of Xella’s business strategy. The company wants to improve the sustainability of buildings and at the same time contribute to a low-carbon construction sector, which fits in a circular economy. Read more about Xella here.

With its membership of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Xella will, as a first step, make the wooden pallets used for separation panels more sustainable by switching to 100% recyclable plastic pallets. In addition, Xella, together with the Alliance, is conducting research into the next step in making their packaging more sustainable.

Xella believes in innovating together, preferably together with the customer. The circular pallet that is custom-made for Xella’s products is a good example of how this demonstrably contributes to an even better CO2 footprint.

Xella can make an important contribution to the Circular Plastics Alliance as one of the larger manufacturers of construction materials in the Netherlands, which works closely with major contractors and has good contacts with other manufacturers. The goal is continuous improvement together. With the knowledge and network that Xella brings, the company is a valuable addition to the Alliance.


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