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20 June 2024
Bruil joins Circular Plastics Alliance

Family business Bruil has joined the Circular Plastics Alliance. The company is a supplier of a complete package of concrete mortar, dry mortars and prefab concrete. As a producer of cementitious products, Bruil is very aware of sustainable construction.

With an ambitious mission: making smart building products with less material, the company has been hard at work and is working on that change every day. By working on a circular construction method, Bruil strives to reuse as many raw materials as possible, limiting the use of new raw materials. While in the past primary raw materials were always considered first, the focus is now on recycling valuable raw materials.

Together with CPA, Bruil wants to investigate how the company can make the packaging chain of its products circular, both in purchasing and in the reprocessing of materials on the construction site.

Read more about Bruil: https://www/bruil.nl


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