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Meeder Groep
Meeder Groep
22 September 2023
The Meeder Group joins the Circular Plastics Alliance and focuses on sustainability.

During Nadine’s visit to the informative afternoon of Unicef Business Buddies on June 29th, she had the opportunity to meet fellow Business Buddie Olav Sonneveld, General Manager of the Meeder Group. During their conversation, it became evident that there was interest from the Meeder Group in joining the Circular Plastics Alliance.

Meeder Group, an international supplier of vegetables, fruits, dairy, and other fresh products, is well-known for their unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards. They transport their products worldwide using ships, airplanes, and trucks, employing cold and air-conditioned transportation methods. However, what truly sets them apart is their continuous effort to improve packaging methods with a strong focus on sustainability.

Sustainability forms the foundation of Meeder Group’s operations. They have already implemented a range of sustainable initiatives, including the use of 700 solar panels to meet their energy needs. Furthermore, they have transitioned to LED lighting and energy-efficient cooling systems. In addition to these measures, Meeder Group has invested in a green fleet of 16 electric cars and has implemented targeted recycling programs for fruits and vegetables waste, paper, and cardboard.

Nevertheless, Meeder Group’s ambition extends beyond these initiatives. They have partnered with the Circular Plastics Alliance to reduce plastic waste by developing circular programs in collaboration with their suppliers and customers. These efforts contribute to a broader goal: reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a circular economy.

Meeder Group’s extensive experience and strong commitment to reducing plastic waste make them a unique and valuable partner for the Alliance.

In the photo, Nadine from the Circular Plastics Alliance is presenting a tombstone to Albert Engels, Olav Sonneveld, and Marco Kemmers, representatives of Meeder Group. This moment marks the official entry of Meeder Group into the Circular Plastics Alliance.


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