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6 September 2023
Circular Plastics Alliance Proudly Recognized by Brancheplan Verpakkingen

We’re thrilled to announce that the Circular Plastics Alliance has been recognized as a supporting party on the Brancheplan Verpakkingen website. Established in early 2022, the Brancheplan Verpakkingen was drafted in collaboration with, and for, the installation sector. Its primary objective is to reduce, sustain, and ensure the high-quality reuse of packaging within the installation industry.

This initiative aligns perfectly with the broader ambition of transitioning towards a circular economy, where the emphasis is on minimizing the use of primary packaging materials and waste. By doing so, Brancheplan Verpakkingen are committed to supporting the Dutch Government’s circular objectives of using 50% fewer primary materials by 2030.

Realizing this ambitious goal requires a cohesive collaboration among all the stakeholders in the supply chain. From packaging suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and installers to end-users and waste collectors, it is only through combined efforts that we can amplify our impact. But who’s joining the cause? The Brancheplan Verpakkingen has received support from a variety of organizations. Noteworthy names include Techniek Nederland, Fedet, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, who all play a coordinating and facilitating role.

It’s with immense pride that we share our association as one of the supportive entities. Together, we will drive change and move one step closer to a sustainable future.


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