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14 February 2024
February 14th, Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is not only a time of love and romance, but also a period of great activity for the floriculture sector. At Fresco Flowers, a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, sustainability is central, even during this busy period. This year Fresco Flowers is processing. approximately 25 million roses from 12 growers in Kenya. The share of roses from abroad, especially from Kenya, is growing rapidly due to favorable factors such as the climate, the location close to the equator, extensive hours of sunshine and efficient logistics connections with Europe. What sets Fresco Flowers apart is their commitment to sustainability throughout the entire process. From ensuring fair labor practices and environmental protection at their internationally certified growers to packaging the roses in recycled plastic sleeves to extend vase life and prevent damage. During Valentine’s Day alone, approximately 22.5 tons of plastic enter into circulation. That is why Fresco Flowers calls on exporters to collect and recycle their plastic flower and plant sleeves through Circular Bags, an innovative initiative that enables a closed cycle for plastic packaging. The collected plastic is converted into granules and used for the production of new, sustainable flower covers. In addition, Fresco Flowers has set up a recycling center where various waste streams are separated, including green waste, plastic, paper, iron and residual waste. All this contributes to a greener, more sustainable future for the floriculture industry. When you see roses with the green bar “eco friendly – recycled foil”, you know that you are not only giving a gesture of love, but also contributing to a healthier planet. Let’s celebrate love together and demonstrate our commitment to a more sustainable world. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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