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Pallet 3
Pallet 3
pallet 2
taart HSB Xella
24 January 2024
First deployment of circular pallets in practice

One of the members of the Circular Plastics Alliance, HSB Bouw B.V., had the honor on January 16th to test the circular plastic pallets from our CPA partner Xella Netherlands. The construction site of HSB Bouw B.V. for the “Anna’s Hoeve” project in Hilversum was bustling with activity. Various stakeholders, including Circular Plastics Alliance member RTI Blockchain, were all present to receive the first truck. The initial load of separation panels on the circular plastic pallets departed for an HSB Bouw project, marking the first practical use of the pallets. During the loading of the truck, the pallets are automatically scanned by the forklift. Upon arrival, the contractor approves the number of pallets through the app. An additional advantage is that the empty pallets do not take up space on the construction site as they can be nested!

Proud of this initial pilot and looking forward to the projects that will follow in 2024. Of course, this achievement had to be celebrated, and the festive cake was gratefully received.


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