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Pallet 3
9 February 2024
First loads with separation panels on circular plastic pallets on the construction site

The first loads of separation panels on circular pallets have arrived at the construction site for a project by our Circular Plastics Alliance partner HSB Bouw in Hilversum. In the attached video we take you through the loading and unloading process, demonstrating the integration of RFID chips. These chips play a crucial role in optimizing the flow of goods and are part of our innovative circular pallets.

Thanks to this technological progress, not only is the lead time shortened, but more time can also be spent on the actual construction process. To prove the effectiveness of the pallets in practice, Xella is working with several contractors and finishers, including Alliance partners BMN and Heijmans, in a series of pilot projects. This will be followed by further rollout in the market.

The circular pallet was developed from a collaboration between Xella, Circular Plastics Alliance, Cabka and Kras Recycling. Our Alliance partner RTI Blockchain provides the RTI management solution.

Circular Plastics Alliance partner Rabo Bank supports several sustainable initiatives, including this Xella pallet.


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