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15 February 2024
Four Seasons FZE joins as a new Circular Plastics Alliance member

Four Seasons FZE is a leading waste management company based in the United Arab Emirates specialized as a supplier and exporter of metal scrap, plastic scrap, tire scrap and electronic waste. (e-waste) With a wide range of services, they have helped industries worldwide with recyclable scrap. This has enabled them to strengthen their position as a prominent buyer and seller of a wide range of scrap. This allows the company to mediate between companies to get different waste flows in the right place in the cycle. The vision of Four Seasons FZE is fully in line with this: “Our vision is to reuse various materials in order to form a closed loop. By dealing intelligently with the various waste flows and reusing them sustainably.” Collaborations with other parties result in less waste, sustainable knowledge in the field of waste solutions and cost-effective solutions to create a closed-loop for reuse of materials. With the addition of Four Seasons, the company offers additional knowledge in the field of waste management. In addition, the company is active worldwide with a large network that allows it to act as a mediator and connector for Circular Plastics Alliance members for possible partnerships. With this new collaboration between Four Seasons FZE and Circular Plastics Alliance, a party with a large network and knowledge in the field of waste management has once again joined. For information about Four Seasons FZE and their services, check out the company website: https://www.foursfze.com .

The tombstone handover to Four Seasons FZE took place in a very special way, namely in the Christmas bubble during the Kras sports gala in Volendam where the entire team was present. In the photo Henk Kras, Jaap Buis, Yvonne Thans, Nadine Sciarli, Anshul Goel, Johan Thans.


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