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27 March 2024
Nexans switches to sustainable film wrap made from recycled plastic

Circular Plastics Alliance member Nexans, a global leader in cable solutions, has started packaging its products in sustainable film made from recycled plastic. This step is the result of collaboration within Circular Plastics Alliance, which works on innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the amount of plastic waste and promote recycling. Nexans, in collaboration with CPA partner KIVO, has conducted research into the shrink films that the company uses. By using a special CO2 footprint tool, developed by KIVO in collaboration with CE Delft, the films have been analyzed and compared with sustainability alternatives.

This analysis has shown that switching from using 100% virgin plastic to a mix of 70% virgin plastic and 30% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) recycled plastic contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions. According to the results of the Cradle-to-Consumer approach, this shift would save approximately 0.4 kg of CO2 equivalent per kg of film. The Cradle-to-Consumer approach takes into account the entire life cycle of a product, from the moment of production to the moment of consumption by the end user.

There are significant environmental benefits, you can read this on the Nexans website: https://www.nexans.nl/en/newsroom/news/details/2024/03/Introduction-of-sustainable-film-wrap.html

The collaboration between CPA members Nexans and BMN to promote a complete cycle is substantiated by Michael Bool of BMN with the following quote:

“Thanks to the close collaboration in the Circular Plastics Alliance, such as between Nexans and BMN, wonderful concepts can be created. By working together, we can realize a complete cycle that strengthens the circular economy and contributes to a sustainable future.”


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