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IMPACK CORPORATION, is based in Japan and is a leading player in the packaging industry. The company has a strong focus on providing high-quality packaging solutions for various sectors, including the flower industry. They strive to develop innovative and environmentally friendly products that meet the needs of their customers. IMPACK CORPORATION is a major player in sustainability and we are therefore excited to add their expertise and commitment to our alliance.

IMPACK CORPORATION therefore has a clear vision on sustainability: “We believe in creating packaging solutions that are not only efficient, but also kind to our planet. We want to make a positive impact on the flower industry and the environment as a whole through deliver innovative and sustainable products.”

Packaging giant IMPACK CORPORATION’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their daily activities, including reducing overtime for employees, producing packaging materials with bio plastic and reducing smoke development during the production process.

In collaboration with Circular Plastics Alliance, IMPACK CORPORATION aims to further expand their knowledge and efforts in the field of circularity. They want to involve partners and customers in increasing awareness of sustainability and circularity in the packaging industry. IMPACK CORPORATION is committed to taking a leading role in promoting environmentally friendly packaging solutions and thereby reducing the negative impact on our planet.

For more information about IMPACK CORPORATION and their sustainable packaging solutions, visit their website via: https://www.impack.co.jp/


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