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Profine GmbH

The Profine Group, active under the brand name Kömmerling, is a leading manufacturer of plastic window profiles and a renowned supplier of PVC sheet material. Profine operates from locations in Berlin and Pirmasens (Germany) and, with 3200 employees spread across various subsidiaries, is globally active in 29 countries. In the Netherlands, the organization is represented by Kömmerling NL in Waardenburg, featuring the specially developed K-VISION window system for the Dutch market.

For years, Profine has had progressive ambitions in the areas of sustainability and circularity. Initiatives such as closed-loop recycling and the reduction of CO2 emissions have long been on the agenda, achieved through measures like 100% electric forklifts, solar panels, green energy, and reductions in waste, transportation movements, raw material, and energy consumption. The company is continually exploring innovations in products, including K-VISION ReFrame, bio-attributed PVC, and life cycle analyses.

With its experience, reputation, and sustainable goals, Profine is a valuable addition to the alliance. By joining the alliance, the company aims to expand its network and further contribute to sustainable ambitions, both globally and in the Netherlands. More information about Profine and Kömmerling can be found at www.kommerling.nl and https://www.profine-group.com/en.


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