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ATK Trading sro joins the Alliance

ATK Trading sro from the Czech Republic is involved in recycling. The company regulates the flow of recycled plastic materials by connecting companies across Europe so that recycled material can serve as the basis for new or existing sustainable products. They work closely with customers to jointly define the best solutions.

The company’s main activity is mediation between recycling companies (suppliers of plastics) and production companies. The work is focused on the search for raw materials, support with logistics and the promotion of products with more than 30% recycled material.

By joining the Alliance, the company wants to make use of the network and available expertise. Read more about ATK Trading at: https://atktrading.eu/

The management of ATK Trading, (represented by Andrea and Tomas Klima), is very driven to promote sustainability in various industries and has indicated that they are interested in promoting CPA’s mission within their network, including in Central and Eastern Europe.

With these new ambassadors of Circular Plastics Alliance, we foresee an expansion of our network outside the Netherlands, which offers many new opportunities for our current partners. We look forward to a successful collaboration.


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