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Bas van den Ende
Bas van den Ende

Bas van den Ende Plastic Recycling (BVDER) is a processor of rigid plastics. They have the capability to effectively separate an increasing amount of raw materials and convert them into high-quality regrind. Their primary focus is always on resource preservation. Through their processes, they reduce the usage of fossil fuels and minimize CO2 emissions.


BVDER has been a well-established player in the field of plastic recycling for many years. Each day, their team of passionate employees strives to reintroduce rigid plastics such as agricultural waste, waste containers, crates, and jars into the market as premium-grade, new raw materials. Their objective is to make a contribution in creating a sustainable world for future generations.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining a strong balance between all applicable laws and regulations, and their implementation and management on the shop floor, is crucial for BVDER. Their HSE Coordinator (responsible for the quality, working conditions, and environmentally friendly practices of an organization) focuses on ensuring the feasibility and practicality of legal and company requirements. Additionally, they contribute to the development and implementation of eco-friendly production methods and products within the company.

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Participation in the Circular Plastics Alliance

Now that BVDER is a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, they aim to stimulate the development of new products and make a valuable contribution in this regard. For instance, by utilizing colored recycled rigid plastics. This innovation enables the use of recycled materials in a much broader range of new products. They look forward to collaborating on exciting joint projects. The Circular Plastics Alliance gladly aligns with and warmly welcomes this new member.


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