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Dutch Cups

Dutch Cups produces and supplies unbreakable and reusable plastic drinking cups. For nearly 30 years, the company has been providing the finest plastic cups suitable for festivals, events, bars, sports cafes, nightclubs, and all other venues where toasts are made. The range includes beer glasses, champagne glasses, shot glasses, and everything in between, all fully customizable.

The plastic drinking cups from Dutch Cups are highly reusable, dishwasher-safe, and at the end of their lifecycle, the cups are 100% recyclable. The cups are manufactured using full-electric injection molding machines, which are 75% more energy-efficient than hydraulic machines. Furthermore, Dutch Cups offers a full-service package, including rental and cleaning of reusable drinking cups, to provide customers with complete peace of mind. The transportation is also partially done electrically. In short, from A to Z, they ensure that the use of the cup is both efficient and sustainable.

Dutch Cups’ primary objective, in collaboration with the Circular Alliance, is to develop an optimal end-of-life concept, wherein used reusable drinking cups can be transformed into new cups.

For more information about Dutch Cups, visit: www.dutchcups.nl


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