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Plat & Plat / Werksaam B.V. new CPA member

Family business Plat & Plat B.V / Werksaam B.V., located in Volendam, started in 1987 as a painting company and now offers complete sustainable solutions with more than 35 years of experience total maintenance and home improvement for real estate portfolios of housing associations and investors and VvE Managers.

Their approach is fully focused on close collaboration with all of their stakeholders. That is why they are involved in the process at the earliest possible stage to arrive at the most sustainable solution(s). Clients are increasingly choosing to only to fulfill a directing role. As a result, the entire project/plan development ends at Plat & Plat / Werksaam. They focus on various aspects such as: sustainability, energy performance, resident behavior, resident satisfaction and customer satisfaction. This means thinking, doing and organizing based on the customer’s needs and experience being central.
They attach great importance to their slogan “Sustainable Thinkers and Doers”. Sustainability is one of 
their most important spearheads in their core business. They take their responsibility towards their CO2 footprint seriously and strive to connect to the latest at the earliest possible stage developments and innovations in the field of sustainability. A lot of attention is paid internally to reducing the CO2 footprint of their organization. Think about recycling of industrial waste, attention to scarcity of raw materials and influence on responsibility on one’s own behavior. For example, their current office at Morseweg 63 in Volendam is completely energy neutral and the new office, which they will move into after the summer holidays this year, will be energy neutral and completely all-electric. Also making the car fleet and logistics movements increasingly sustainable receive constant attention.
The organization is aware that reducing fossil fuels is necessary for quality of lifel on our planet. In particular, heating homes accounts for a large share of CO2 emissions that every Dutch person emits per year. The positive news is that there is also a lot of profit in this area to obtain!

Plat & Plat / Werksaam works every day to reduce these emissions by developing, preparing and implementing sustainable projects. It is also becoming increasingly clear that we are depleting our planet by mining raw materials. In addition many materials that are released are unfortunately discarded after demolition. Plat & Plat /Werksaam is aware that relatively high-quality materials can often be reused. Therefore cooperation is increasingly sought with various partners who also focus on reuse.

The entry of Plat & Plat B.V. / Werksaam B.V. is in line with CPA’s objective of being circular to optimize waste flows.

Read more about Plat & Plat B.V. / Werksaam B.V. http://www.platenplat.nl


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