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Knapzak Benelux BV

Welcome Knapzak Benelux BV:

Circular Plastics Alliance has been collaborating successfully with Knapzak Benelux since 2021. This partnership began with the collection of plastic film through the Knapzak system, which consists of a Knapholder and an associated collection bag for the separation of plastic film, among other materials.

Now, we are taking this collaboration further with the Circular Bag. Under the name Circular Bag, Knapzak Benelux BV offers circular waste bags made from recycled materials. These customized bags are sold through Paardekooper and contribute to reducing the ecological footprint, aligning seamlessly with our efforts to promote sustainable waste management.

Bas Stoffels, the CEO of Knapzak Benelux BV, emphasizes the value of the partnership with Circular Plastics Alliance: “We are delighted to become a member of Circular Plastics Alliance and join forces to promote waste separation and reuse. Together, we will continue to strive for a cleaner and more sustainable world.”

Knapzak Benelux BV has been a leading player in waste processing and waste separation for nearly 30 years. Their innovative waste systems offer versatile solutions for efficient waste collection. They provide tailor-made waste systems for every organization, whether you have a large or small amount of waste streams or operate in logistics, manufacturing, recreation, retail, hospitality, or any other sector. Knapzak Benelux BV’s bins and bags can be personalized to match your preferences or corporate identity, making waste separation even more enjoyable.


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from left to right Nadine Sciarli, Bas Stoffels and Jaap Buis



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