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28 June 2024
Sustainable collaboration for CPA members BMN Building Materials and Forbo Eurocol

CPA members BMN Building Materials and Forbo Eurocol recycle plastic buckets and jerry cans together.

Good news from the sustainability front: BMN Building Materials and Forbo Eurocol are joining forces for an innovative recycling service of plastic buckets and jerry cans. For this they work together with CPA member Kras Recycling from Volendam. A great new step towards a greener future!

From empty, scrape-clean buckets to new plastic packaging.

Just like quality and health-friendly processing properties, sustainability is an integral part of the development or improvement of every Eurocol product. The same applies to production processes, transport & logistics and packaging. Recycling plastic packaging for tilers, such as buckets and jerry cans, is another important step forward.

Simple and effective

This new recycling service is a pioneering initiative of BMN Building Materials and Forbo Eurocol, for which the collaboration was entered into with Kras Recycling from Volendam. The processing company is a partner of the Circular Plastics Alliance, which coordinates and manages these types of sustainability projects. The idea behind the collaboration is as simple as it is effective. Eurocol customers who purchase their products from BMN return their empty, scrape-clean buckets and jerry cans and these are then 100% recycled. And more than that, because the shrink film and straps used to prepare the pallets for transport are also included in this circular process. The result? A completely closed loop in which used plastic packaging is transformed into new, high-quality materials for all kinds of purposes.

Fully circular.

In collaboration with Kras Recycling, they are contributing to the transition from linear to circular packaging. To do this, they collect raw materials from which new PCR packaging is produced. The great thing about this is that a returned used bucket or jerry can is processed into new packaging via Kras Recycling. In other words, a fully circular process.

Further refinement

BMN Building Materials makes it even easier for its customers to participate in the recycling program. Whether they collect their used packaging themselves or return it to a BMN Hub location, all the collected packaging material contributes to recycling. After a pilot phase, the program has now been further expanded, in which they are looking at possible points for improvement together with tiling companies and how the collection process can be further refined.

Towards a green future

This recycling service is not only a great practical solution, it is also a source of inspiration for customers of BMN and Forbo Eurocol to consciously and actively contribute to sustainability. Together, we are responsible for a cleaner future, in which not only the amount of waste is reduced, but valuable raw materials are recovered and reused. This contributes noticeably to a circular economy and a more sustainable future for the construction sector.


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